Medical Test & Device - LH Strip

LH Strip

1. Application

Detect the appearance of Luteinizing hormone(LH) and the ovulating status in women’s body.

2. Usage:

  • Remove test device midstream from the pouch. Immerse the signal band with the arrow facing downward into the urine sample in container. Do not exceed the line "Max".
  • Take out the strip after 3 seconds and wait fro the result within 5 minutes.

3. Result Reading

Positive: 1)the colour in Band T(Below) is the same as that in Band C(Above); LH peak will appear and ovulating in 48hours. 2) the colour in Band T is deeper than that in Band C, LH peak appears and ovulating in 28hours.

Negative: the color in Band T is lighter than that in Band C or only Band C appers, then no LH peak or peak passed.

Invalid: No color bands appear.

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